Clinical & Laboratory

Clinical laboratories are one of the most highly regulated areas in life sciences. Most are routinely inspected by the FDA and regulatory bodies to evaluate the performance through proficiency testing. Ensuring quality laboratory testing is paramount; however laboratory professionals must also be comply with the regulations of patient data privacy and financial practices. Ignorance

All our clinical and laboratory compliance webinars and courses are geared to give participants a practical understanding of all necessary clinical compliance requirements. We have webinars on Clinical Trials phases which will throw light into early drug development, the role of the FDA and other regulatory bodies.  We also have courses that discuss clinical trial monitoring and reporting adverse events – pre and post approval.

Our objective is to help you to stay compliant; however this differs for each institution and company laboratory, depending on the type of work and hazards specific to the setting.  We understand that staying compliant is a continuous process that takes resources and manpower.  Learn from our Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) courses and webinars and ensure safety and efficiency thereby avoiding warning letters and 483's.