Healthcare professionals are overwhelmed by regulations by various bodies governing the industry. We assist in helping Healthcare companies understand and ensure regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, ISO/IEC 15408-1, JCAHO, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and the EPA so that they could comply to government regulators and bodies that supplement them which include HIMSS, AMA, AHIMA, NeHC, CDC, AAMI and more.

Safety standards have been established by regulatory bodies to ensure quality of the product or activity as well as the safety of the worker, patient or user. Now, bear in mind, these standards could be mandatory or even just guidelines depending on the severity of risk involved to any or all parties. Today, this is a top priority for compliance and risk management professionals in any industrial sector. Governing bodies like the DOL and OSHA have provided the laws and guidelines while also maintain the responsibility for the administrative and enforcement of these laws.

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