Self – Disclosure to the OIG – When / Why and How to do it

With the increased attention to billing procedures and regulations it is important that as organizations within this industry we understand all the options available to us to indicate out willingness to be compliant with these regulations. This will provide you with an understanding of when and why your organization might want to “self-report or disclose” to the OIG. The benefits of the program and how it facilitates your organizations ability to self monitor and correct issues or concerns that are found. It will also allow you to identify when you have a process issues versus a compliance issue.

The course will allow your organizational to increase their knowledge base and facilitate their ability to determine if they need to disclose information to the OIG or not. It will also increase their understanding of what their legal responsibilities are. It takes a team to correctly identify the need for self-disclosure and to self-report for the optimal outcomes. While self-discloser does not prevent your organization from being fined or sanctioned it can reduce the impact of these items. It also supports your organizations ability to place a corrective action in place.

By understanding the Self-Disclosure guidelines it can also allow your organization to place checks and balances in place that will support your compliance and increase your ability to reduce your risk for the need for Self-Disclosure.

Areas Covered in the Session :
What to Self-Report
When to Self- Report
Advantage and Disadvantage of Self-Reporting
What conduct and or actions fall under the SDP
What are the submission requirements
Review of Potential Resolutions to the SDP

Who Will Benefit:
Nursing Managers
Compliance Director
Information Systems Manager
Chief Information Officer
Health Information Manager
Healthcare Counsel/Lawyer
Office Manager
Contracts Manager

Laura S Hargraves

Laura S Hargraves, MS CCC- SLP RAC-CT, has been working in all aspects of the healthcare industry for the past 28 years. Ms. Hargraves has been providing compliance and oversight of documentation to meeting changing guidelines during this period. She has a background in education, which helps her maximize her ability to communicate these changes to the various professionals that she works with. She is an expert in documentation/compliance/audits and reviews. Ms. Hargraves is also a professional presenter on topics related to Medicare, MDS 3.0, and documentation.

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