Payroll and Accounting departments account for one of the largest expenses in any organization. To effectively manage the Payroll and accounting department means to constantly keep updated with changes in policies with regard to accounting, taxation and other technological changes. To be a Payroll Specialist, one must know the legalities of exempt versus non-exempt employees, how to deduct taxes, how to make deductions for health benefits, which employees are eligible or have taken vacation or sick leave. How to handle wage garnishments as well as child support is of big concern to even a small business with serious legal consequences.

Federal and state payroll reporting requirements differ from each other and payroll professionals need to know how to comply with them not just for taxation purposes but for compliance. Irrespective of the size or the complexity of your organization, having a better-trained payroll staff is a must. Luckily, Webinar Compliance’s Payroll and Accounting courses, tutored by renowned and experienced professionals from the industry, helps professionals stay current on payroll laws, legislation, and requirements.